What level donor would you like to be?

S’more:                               $120 per year                    (or $10 per month)

Bunkmate:                         $300 per year                    (or $25 per month)

Phantom:                           $600 per year                    (or $50 per month)

Golden Dustpan:               $1,200 per year            (or $100 per month)

Gator:                                 $3,000 per year                 (or $250 per month)

Life Check:                         $6,000 per year                 (or $500 per month)

To make a tax-deductible contribution to Greenwood Ministries Association, please send a check to

Greenwood Ministries Association:
703 S. Greenville West Dr.  Suite #7-252  Greenville, Mi 48838

Or if you prefer to donate with your credit card, you can make a donation through PayPal:

We appreciate you and value your support of camping ministry at this beloved camp!

Thank you so very much!