The Stakes are High

Thanks to your generosity we’ve received a whopping $35,900!

That means we still have a way to go to meet our goal by October 26.

Camp Greenwood has always operated because of the love, commitment and participation of the people its ministry has touched.  Right now we need you to show that commitment like never before.

Please show your support with a pledge.

The Greenwood Ministries Association needs to show financial support and vitality to continue the camping ministry at Greenwood. Please don’t hear this like your standard nonprofit call for support. The stakes are high. We, the board and staff of the Greenwood Ministries Association, are able to program a great summer, hire and train staff and serve a multitude of church, civic and family groups year round but we need you to come through for this effort now.

Support the Greenwood Ministries Association’s unique, life-changing ministry to children, youth and adults.