Goals for Camp Greenwood

Greenwood Ministries Association


  • to become a base for a growing organization to use a futuristic approach to create more Christian disciples by strengthening the faith of existing disciples, encouraging disadvantaged youth and teaching Christian environmental stewardship
  • to continue to be based on Presbyterian theology
  • to include other Christian denominations
  • to include “unchurched” peoples
  • to develop beneficial partnerships with churches from Greenville and the Grand Rapids area for youth activities
  • to develop a covenant agreement to remain friends with and colleagues of Presbytery of Lake Michigan
  • to develop year-round programming services for groups advancing Christian discipleship
  • to develop year-round programming services for disadvantaged youth
  • to offer worship experiences beyond contemporary to incorporate Christian meditation, yoga, running and other exercise programs
  • to provide opportunities to engage aging Christians to serve neighborhoods
  • to provide opportunities for the aging for spiritual growth
  • to develop environmental education programs using the theology of Christian stewardship of the earth through better understanding of calculating carbon footprints, identifying lifecycle costs of purchasing options, reducing waste at points of purchase and recycling, identifying environmentally responsible businesses and utilizing local sustainable food systems.